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   Springs - measure spring rate  
Measure Spring Rate
  Default Torsional Modulus            11300000
#/in      0   [0]
kg/mm      0   [0]
N      0   [0]
Spring Length      
spr free length     
solid ht      0 mm
max travel  (no prel)      0 mm
ValvingLogic Model     
rate N      0   
wire length      0
wire volume      0
  • If you have absolutely no idea what your spring rate is, you can measure the spring dimensions and use the calculator above to determine your rate. 
  • This will give you an approximate idea. 
    • Fork springs usually rate very close to actual (+/- .10).
    • Shock spring don't rate very closely due to the spring wire coating and the open coils on the ends.
    1. Measure the wire diameter.
    2. Count the number of active coils.
    3. Measure the outer diameter of the spring.
    4. Enter these values in the calculator above.
  Measure wire diameter.
  Count number of coils.
  Measure outer diameter of spring.